R&D Capacity

R&D Capacity
R&D capacity-Fujian Boyu Architectural Design Institute
   Fujian Boyu Architectural Design Institute is a grade A comprehensive architectural design company mainly engaged in construction engineering design and related products research and development.
   In the core design team, there are senior engineers who have engaged in structural design for nearly 20 years, are the first batch of Fujian’s design talents specializing in steel structure and have rich experience in design of large-span steel structure, multi-layer steel structure, high-rise steel structure and villa steel structure; there are senior designers who have engaged in structural drawings in-depth design for 16 years, have outstandingly completed projects with “big difficulties and tight schedule” and have been awarded the title of “China Steel Construction Society Outstanding Workers”. Their master works include Nature Carton Factory, Guangzhou Aeolus Automobile’s plant, Xiamen Yinlu Group’s plant and warehouse, Aeolus’s injection molding workshop, JMC’s VM engine complex factory, Ting Hsin International Group’s 4-story large store in Tesco, Sanya Greatest World of Love’s Animal Performance Hall, Guangzhou Alpha’s auto parts plant, Guangzhou Youni’s stamping workshop etc.

Cooperation with university - Shandong University
   Cooperate with university to build a base for industry-university-research cooperation. Xiamen Shinejoy has established a strategic cooperative relationship with Shandong University which is the leading and cutting-edge scientific research unit in domestic prefabricated building industry. The two sides have jointly established a base for industry-university-research cooperation named “Shandong University- Xiamen Shinejoy”, and carried out activities for the technical research, promotion and use of prefabricated steel-structure buildings. The outstanding teachers, profound theoretical accumulation, leading industry technology and active scientific research atmosphere of School of Civil Engineering of the College of Civil Engineering and Water Conservancy and Green and Energy-saving Prefabricated Building Research Institute of Shandong University had made their great efforts into the technology research and development of Xiamen Shang Jiang Zhu Gong, which has drivenXiamen Shinejoy to make continuous break-throughs in the technology research and development of Xiamen Shang Jiang Zhu Gong in prefabricated building and become an industry leader.