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Shining Journey Housing
    “Selected Building, Great Originality”。Xiamen Shinejoy Housing Industrial Architectural Technology Co., Ltd.  is a new building technology enterprise based on the green building industry and is engaged in the R&D, production and promotion of industrial prefabricated buildings. The Company has a registered capital of RMB50 million and is headquartered in the special economic zone of Xiamen, a coastal city known as "Heron Island" in Fujian. The production base is located in Yintai east Rd., Taiwan Industrial Park, Changtai EDZ, Zhangzhou, China which is known as the back garden of Xia'men.

         Under the guidance of the Policy ideas of "Green, Efficiency, Energy Conservation and Sustainable Development" put forward by the country, the Company was jointly established by many well-known enterprises, including Xiamen Tyko Group Co. Ltd., Zhongding International Construction Group Co., Ltd., Fujian Boyu Architectural Design Institute, AVIC Sanxin Curtain Wall Co. Ltd. and Xiamen Jiuzhong Investment Co., Ltd. The founding shareholders also injected an outstanding professional R&D and management teams to the Company, providing a strong guarantee for the Company to provide professional, comprehensive and reliable service for customers.

       Facing new opportunities and challenges under the new situation, the company will adhere to the cultural concept of “Integrity, responsibility, knowledge, and innovation” and take “Quality buildings, ingenious manufacturing” as its core value idea, with providing “safe, reliable, green, environmentally-friendly, harmonious and comfortable” livable buildings as its mission and with realizing “value creation for clients, income increasing for employees, financial growth, and profit increasing for shareholders” as the business target. It will develop with Xiamen as the base, face the whole country and radiate to the whole world. It will make great efforts to become a modern architectural technology enterprise deserving social recognition and respect.


Shinejoy Housing
In the next few years, prefabricated building will usher in leapfrog development, Xiamen Shinejoy Housing Industrial Architectural Technology Co., Ltd. will adhere to the corporate cultural concept of "integrity, responsibility, knowledge and innovation" as well as technical innovation, research and development, integrate the craftsman's spirit of polishing and refining, keeping improving and user foremost, and build the safest, most reliable, comfortable and livable as well as technological and fashionable buildings through standardized design, factory production, assembly, integrated decoration, information-based management and intelligent application.